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Today's CIO is tasked with effectively utilizing Digital Experience to gain competitive edge and become a market leader. Digital Marketing, Social Media and Mobility provides a unqiue opportunity for building customer loayaltiy and growing business. Bizteon's Digital Stratgey focus on simplicity, usability, and enhanced customer experience.

Functional Testing

Technology platforms like Netflix, Uber, or Paypal have show how well estabished industry leaders can be disrupted by small companies with the help of a strong Digital Strategy. Work with our experts to develop a sound digital strategy that is tailored as per your business goals.

API Stress Testing

As the consumer gets digital savy, creative thinking is esential to correctly apprehend user expectations, goals and behaviour patterns while designing user interfaces in order to provide a meaningful experience that will define the brand.

Mobile & Future Tech

Advancement in Mobilie devices, future techs such as Smart Watches, Google Glass, Smart Home techs such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are helping businesses find new ways to connect with the customer. Talk to us about how these techs can help you reinvent your business.

Digital Marketing

The average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media, according to a recent study. This is the reason why Social Media Marketing is becoming the most effective channel to reach the consumers and also get a quick feedback.


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  • Innovative Thinking

    At Bizteon Labs, we are developing solutions for everyday challenges using innovative new technologies. We work like a startup and deliver like a pro.

  • Rapid Development

    Why reinvent the wheel? Our projects effectively reuse code, components and templates which helps us deliver faster and focus on business goals.

  • Continuous Deliver (CD)

    We have perfected Continuous Delivery using small, self-sufficient teams working on micro projects, delivering fast and being truely agile.

  • Local US Delivery

    We understand the need to work in closely with business. Our team splits the time between our dev center in Houston and the clients office.

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